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Angelina Jolie and John Kerry are iftar Guests at Adams Center

Washington, D.C., The Adams Center hosted Iftar (breaking of fast) dinner, and was attended by Angelina Jolie and John Kerry, Sharik Zafar and several dignitaries from the State Department. The interfaith community was represented well by many faith leaders. New titles were bestowed: It is Imam Pastor Magid, and Pastor Imam Bob Roberts now.

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Brother Charles Stevens writes, ” The value of this event is multifold.  For one thing, it signals a major commitment to refugees and to the forsaken of the earth by our government and by the Muslim American community, separately, and acting together.  It brings together hundreds of visionary committed activists, many with organizations of their own, and nurtures the bonds that we share as a community.  It inspires the leadership formation of our young people, and deepens their connection with the total human family, and with the future that they will help shape.  And – critically – it demonstrates to the nation and to the world that the US government, the American Muslim and interfaith communities, and “ordinary” people of all kinds can join hands in understanding and peace.”
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Mike Ghouse