Shafiq Khan

Shafiq Khan is responsible for leading all of Marriott’s distribution channels. These include—among the world’s top retail sites; Marriott’s global reservations and contact centers; online travel agencies; global distribution systems (GDS); and emerging online travel intermediaries which include search engines such as Google and Yahoo and meta-search engines such as Kayak and Trip Advisor.

Previously, Shafiq was at US Airways, where he pioneered a series of groundbreaking initiatives which fundamentally restructured airline distribution. These include the development and launch of the airline industry’s first online booking product, Priority Travel Works; electronic ticketing; and various distribution channel re-engineering projects for the corporate marketplace.

Shafiq’s prior background includes assignments at United Airlines in marketing; management consulting with Booz. Allen & Hamilton International; marketing and sales assignments with Pakistan International Airlines, in Pakistan and in France.

His academic background includes an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an economics degree from the Punjab University in Lahore, Pakistan.

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