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State of Muslims in America | October 20, 2106

STATE OF MUSLIMS | EXTINCTION – private screening
October 20, 2016 – Thursday, 
11-1 PM 

What is happening with Muslims in America?  Please join us in a monthly conversation series to update fellow Muslims and fellow Americans about the current issues and possible solutions.

Members of the community, clergy, politicians, officers from the Departments of State, Homeland Security and other departments will give an update on what is happening.

Program: State of Muslims
Date: Thursday, October 20, 2016
Time: 11:00 – 1:00 pm (Request your presence by 10:45)
Place: United Methodist Building
Address: 100 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002
Sandwich and coffee provided
Parking – is difficult, there may some parking across the Union Station
Please plan ahead about parking.

Mike’s note: I have seen the following moving, its built around a hypothetical situation, kind of what if Trump were to become the President.  There is suspense and drama, and direction and acting is superb, it is worth watching. 


Starring Academy Award Nominee & Golden Globe Winner, Sally Kirkland and Mathew St. Patrick [SIX FEET UNDER, SONS OF ANARCHY], this film is inspired by the current political climate.

extinctionThis action drama illustrates what happens, when we let fear and hate-mongering guide us. While a tale of what could be, “EXTINCTION” is only a breath away from reality. Set in a world where “hate trumps love” takes over, inciting a new world Holocaust where every Muslim is hunted down and killed …except one.

The Story: 
A struggling single mother, Joan, is forced to choose between morality and law when she finds out that a gentle farmhand, Adam, is more than what he seems while protecting her six year old daughter, Mary, and her ailing grandmother, Rose.

The Team:
Directed by: Iram Parveen Bilal
Written by: Dylan Ramsey
Produced by: Joy Ganes, Dylan Ramsey, Iram Parveen Bilal
Starring: Dylan Ramsey, Sally Kirkland, Nicole Steinwedell, Brennan Kelleher, Aislinn Plair & Mathew St. Patrick
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Seating is limited and entry is complimentary.

Here is a 20 minutes video highlighting the achievements in our first year.  For more detailed achievements, please visit

AMI is committed to be a proactive voice for American Muslims, and our actions, writings and talks are geared to achieve the ultimate goal; where fellow “Americans will see Muslims as their neighbors and fellow citizens, committed to fighting against violent extremism and protecting the homeland.” Our vision is “An America in which all religious and ethnic communities contribute to her success while living in peace and harmony, free from prejudice and discrimination.”

Please help us grow and bring your friends to support this work.
Thank you

Mike Ghouse
Executive Director
(214) 325-1916 – text/talk