Press Releases

Celebrating the spirit of Independence Day

There is no better time to emphasize the power of civil and religious freedoms than the Independence Day of the United States, which epitomizes the ideals of equality and liberty for all without any discrimination.

America is blessed with a diversity of resources but also with diverse communities including Christian, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and Sikhs that together make our country exceptional.

When challenges arise, American society including the civil society organizations, local communities, church, mosque, synagogue and temple leaders help one another in a show of unity.

American Muslims are also stepping up and contributing to efforts to address stereotypes about Muslims and Islam.

A news story in The Washington Post recently reminded all citizens of the power of dialogue as it narrated the tale of an American Muslim doctor in Minnesota, who reached out to his people in the community in a rural conservative town Dawson and won over the support of the community he serves by striking a chord on common human values that all Abrahamic faiths preach.

We, at the American Muslim Institution, are endeavoring to advance interfaith dialogue through a number of ways. In the spirit of democratic open dialogue, we are planning to host a conversation on challenges facing minorities in today’s America on September 9 this year.

We have invited some of the leading journalists and writers to enlighten the public about the way forward for Americans in the difficult times when American Muslims constantly face scrutiny in contravention of the U.S. Constitution, which believes all men are created equal and must enjoy equal status and access to opportunity – the essence of American Dream.

AMI will invite Americans of all faiths to be part of the conversation, and we look forward to continued support of all our friends in diverse communities to advance dialogue for peaceful coexistence of all Americans.