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AMI President thanks supporters for their generous response to donation appeal

American Muslim Institution is thankful to its members, supporters and well-wishers who responded generously to AMI’s call to donate money as a tribute to the heroes who stood up to hate and intolerance in Portland, Oregon in the wake of an anti-Muslim attack.

AMI pooled funds and donated this weekend a total of $5100 that would help families of the two Portland heroes killed in the incident as well as another young man, who survived the attack while defending two teenage girls against anti-Muslim slurs and harassment.

It is heartening to note that the funds were donated by several AMI members and supporters, especially those from the Islamic Community Center of Potomac (ICCP). While we mourn the loss of two innocent lives, it is heartening to see more than 10,000 Americans, predominantly those of Islamic faith, donating nearly $600,000 to the families of two American heroes killed and one injured while defending two women from anti-Muslims slurs and verbal abuse by a self-proclaimed extremist in Portland, Oregon.

We applaud the efforts of Celebrate Mercy along with the crowdfunding website, LaunchGood in leading the initiative and showing that we care!

Another point which worth noting  here is that Muslims in America have the resources and access to technology provided we can appeal to their conscience about the right causes to support right here at home.

The incident in Portland, Oregon, took place on a train when Jeremy Joseph Christian, a 35-year-old known White supremacist, killed two fellow citizens Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23, and military veteran Ricky Best, 53 while seriously injured Micah Fletcher, a 21-year-old poet, when they tried to intervene and stop Christian from insulting the young girls, one of whom a Muslim and wore hijab.

The AMI is also pleased to note that Micah Fletcher, who survived the attack, has appealed to all Americans to raise donations as a way to help the two young girls, who were deeply hurt emotionally with Christian’s Anti-Muslim slurs.

AMI will continue to promote dialogue to improve interfaith understanding, remove misperceptions about Muslims and Islam and highlight the true message of the Islamic faith which stands for peace, equality and dignity of all human beings.

Ambassador Islam Siddiqui

President American Muslim Institution