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American Muslim Institution condemns attacks on churches in Egypt

American Muslim Institution (AMI) is shocked by heinous attacks on two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday, and offers heartfelt condolences over the loss of innocent lives

These coordinated attacks, perpetrated on the eve of Easter, are outrage for all peace-loving people, including American Muslims., We firmly believe that attacks on any house of worship are contrary to the basic human right of religious freedom.

At a time, when the world needs, more than ever before, to come together to fight bigotry, discrimination and extremist violence, the acts of terror in Egyptian historic city of Alexandria and Tanta remind us of the challenges that we all must confront collectively.

The AMI stands in solidarity with the twin bombing victims’ families. As an organization devoted to fostering interfaith harmony and co-existence, AMI rejects all hateful acts and violence against any community or their places of worships .