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Preparations for Season of Peace

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 – Thanks to Asim Shaikh for volunteering to take care of the Sound System, we went to the Lincoln Memorial to check out the Electrical outlet, and the extension cords needed would be at least 300’ long, thru connecting different cables we will lose voltage, so we decided to get the generator, we have the permit to do that from the Parks and it is 45’ from the stage to where we want the generator.

The ideal location that frames the event would be on right side of the platform (facing the monument), with the little wall in the backdrop and a bench in the front. If someone wants to take the pictures, it gives a good angle, and it is also a great place to place the banner on the wall. We have to find weights and ropes to hang the banner on the wall in the background.

We have to make a few more arrangements. Can someone bring water bottles?  We will have to skip the program booklet – we have not received all the names from the people.  I need a a dedicated volunteer to stand with me and take the names of people and line up the speaker and groups to sing carols and Nasheeds, the person cannot get into other conversations but focus on the job. Please provide me one such person now.


Mike Ghouse
(214) 325-1916
# # #

Next time you go with me, and I will take your picture and place here.  I have found out over a period of time on the face book with 18,000 followers, and 11.9 Million views on Google,  that if I post the pictures of the monuments, no one is interested in clicking like… some human has to be there for people to look at it. Next time, it better be you. Just join me and do the work. 

Rain or shine, work is work 

Our stage… the bench and the back wall for hanging banner.
Washington Monument in the backdrop