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Powerful presentation by Hon. Zaki Albarzingi today on State of Muslims

Hon.  Zaki Albarzingi, President Obama’s Director of Public Engagement, who serves as the White House liaison to the Muslim-American communities and other faiths addressed the State of Muslim program by American Muslim Institution (AMI) today.

A great snap shot of the State of Muslims in America was presented. While highlighting the positive things Muslims have contributed towards America’s prosperity and cohesiveness on the one hand, he also addressed the challenges Muslims face and apprehensions they have live with on the other.

State of Muslims is a monthly conversation series to update fellow Muslims and fellow Americans about the current issues and possible solutions.

Mr. Albarzingi will be holding town hall meetings at least in four major cities; he wants to hear from the community and hope to recommend a course of action to repair the tear in the social fabric of our nation.

If you like to see glimpses of the presentation, we will be happy to share a few video clips.

You’ll be pleased to know that AMI is moving forward achieving its goals in mitigating Islamophobia and nurturing goodwill. Kindly visit our website at

Please don’t forget the program on Sunday, September 18th.

On 9/18 1:45- 4:00 PM  The American Muslim Institution will have a Rabbi, a Pastor and an Imam on one platform in a dialogue to offer pragmatic solutions on co-existence of humanity, at least for the practitioners of faiths in Washington, D.C. , Maryland and Virginia.

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