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Media Reports August 1, 2015 – December 1, 2015
In a short span of 4 months, we have a record presence in nearly 300 news papers through our 10 press releases, and 160 direct entries about us since August 1, 2015, many of them are listed below.

Taking the lead and being the first one is not easy, most people are afraid to take the bold step partly due to the bureaucracy but mainly due to strong dissent from a few members from within the community.  Good ideas and great initiatives are usually killed by a few strong negative voices, we are deeply committed to speak up and do the right thing, and may God help us in being a proactive voice for Muslims.

No one is our enemy, and we simply cannot set up ourselves in that fashion. What is really happening is those who are concerned about the terrorists are mistakenly assuming that all Muslims must be like them.  It behooves us to dispel this myth and separate the two.  If we do that, they will start seeing that both ‘them’ and “us” together have the same common threat, and we become fellow Americans.

Ambassador Islam Siddiqui’s vision was to work and get to a point where, “Americans will see Muslims as their neighbors and fellow citizens, committed to fighting against violent extremism and protecting the homeland.”And my work is driven by the theme of building cohesive societies where no human has to live in apprehensions or fear of the other.  In the following Video Stuart Varney more or less agrees with us;


12.01.15   Bigotry has no place in America –Op-Ed

And our own friend Ali Imran has nearly understood the essence of holding the event on the steps of Lincoln Memorial, and has written it very well.
11.22.15 American Muslims Condemn ISIS Terrorism

We have been in News quite a lot.

Fox, CNN, CBS, US News, Al-Jazeera, VOA, NPR and others have all covered it.  It is good coverage indeed.

12/05/15 – Herald-review : American Muslims weather fallout from ISIS


12/01/15 – Bigotry has no place in America
11.25.15 Hannity Radio show was about Syrian Refugees, does not belong to AMI,  but started with Lincoln Memorial Demonstration, hence the link

11.24.15 Launch event American Muslim Institution

11.24.15  Dallas pastor criticized for sermon denouncing Islam

11.22.15 American Muslims Condemn ISIS Terrorism

11.20.15  American Muslims weather a backlash following massacre in Paris –

11.20.15  The politics of Fear – video

11.20.15   Trump, Carson Ratchet Up Heated Rhetoric About Muslims

11.20.14 American Muslims Denounce ISIS – CBS is confused about their reporting they talk about Lincoln Memorial but show the Lafayette Park

11.20.15 Paris Attack support

11.20.15  PR Moderate Muslims Speak out

11.20.15 American Muslims weather a backlash

11.20.15 French Muslims attend Friday Prayers under tight security

11.19.15  Islamic Center of Long Island endorses demonstration at Lincoln Memorial

11.19.15   Muslim American organizations to protest against ISIS at Lincoln Memorial

11.19.15 Muslims against ISIS gather up on the steps of Lincoln Memorial this Friday

11.19.15 Muslims against ISIS gather up on the steps of Lincoln Memorial

11.14.15 France’s Muslims strongly condemn Paris attacks

11.17.15 A response to the many painful acts of terror around the world

11.15.15 France’s Muslims strongly condemn Paris attacks

11.151.15 French Muslim Organizations strongly condemn Paris attacks

11.12.15  A Muslim Lobby as a counterattack to Fear Inc.

10.30.15 Ben Carson and Donald Trump to receive an offer from a Muslim

10.11.15 Ben Carson on Protecting the Constitution

10.10.15  Ben Carson: Founding Fathers wouldn’t have trusted a Muslim

10.06.15  Anti-Muslim protests across America and Muslim Response

10.05.15 American Muslim Institute: Muslim Bashing in America

09.21.15 PR Muslims have become the latest Punching Bag

09.21.15 OPED Dr. Ben Carson out-trumps trump in Attitude

09.20.15  America Wins with the New Muslim Group

09.18.15 US Muslim group launched to reflect ‘moderate’ Islam

09.17.15  OPED – Launch Event: American Muslim Institution

09.15.15 PR The Launch of AMI at the National Press Club

08.12.15 American Muslims Form Organization in Washington, D.C.

08.11.15   American Muslims form organization in Washington DC

08.10.15  American Muslim Launch

08.06.15 American Muslims Launch an organization in Washington DC