Mr. Tufail Ahmad receives Roscoe R Nix distinguished Community Leadership Award

The board of directors of MCMF is proud to inform the general membership that Mr. Tufail Ahmad, the chairman of the Board, was honored in a well-attended function of Montgomery County on April 23, 2018 for his leadership in establishing MCMF and his dedication and hard work in launching several welfare programs to help the seniors, youth and other residents needing help. The County Executive described various welfare services rendered by MCMF while presenting the Award and appreciated Mr. Tufail Ahmad’s role in leading it and in creating a more congenial and cohesive environment in the County. Mr. Tufail Ahmad received a standing ovation from a diverse group of political leaders and representatives of welfare organizations who attended the function.

The MCMF has by now become one of the leading non-profit organizations of the County devoted to serve the needy residents without any consideration of ethnicity, gender, religion, creed or color. A dedicated core group of volunteers has made it possible to rapidly expand the activities of MCMF and they deserve to be thanked for helping the Chairman undertake and expand charitable work. In addition, the community at large has shown keen interest in helping MCMF in any and every way possible and it needs to be recognized that the success of the organization is directly attributable to their financial contributions and volunteering services.

The MCMF has brought a good name to the Muslim community and helped neutralize the negative narrative created by a deviant minority among us and exploited by those who wish to tarnish the image of Muslims in this country. Our work must continue to expand under the leadership of Mr. Tufail Ahmad. While proudly reporting to the community the recognition and Award received by Mr. Tufail Ahmad, the MCMF Board would like to humbly request the community that they play a more active role in expanding the charitable work of MCMF both through generous financial donations and volunteering services. It is an organization of the entire community and its future is in the hands of all Muslims residing in Montgomery County. Its further success will be the success of the entire community. We look forward to the community’s deeper involvement in the expansion of charitable work of MCMF.