Since its formation in August 2015, AMI’s efforts have produced significant results

Reporting on Religion Toolkit

Check out our latest contribution on the National Assc. Of Broadcaster Education Foundation toolkit on religion.

Fox News makes a positive change

Stuart Varney on Fox Show promised a few weeks ago, that he will not use the phrase “Muslim Terrorists” any more. It is a major change in Fox News presentation. We have a lot of work to do, but this is a trend setter.

History is made

We made history on the steps of Lincoln Memorial on November 20. The conservative Americans consistently question us ‘why we don’t demonstrate against Terrorism and ISIS without ifs and buts” Well, we put an end to that by demonstrating on the steps of Lincoln Memorial, a historical place where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave “I have a dream” speech that brought about the civil rights act. It takes guts to do that, something was holding Muslims from doing it, when we did it; it paved the way for others.  This record is at Fox News, as Sean Hannity and Stuart Varney both promoted the event.  And now, they cannot say we did not.  It is a major accomplishment in changing perceptions.

The report is at:

Policy established on dealing with armed protestors

When the announcement came that there will be armed protests against 20 Mosques, we held a national phone conference without wasting a minute, and in another meeting of national organizations, we argued our point about engagement and not estrangement or withdrawal, and got the press release out in advance of the protests within no time, and that was populated in 80 news papers around the country. Thank God the protestors backed off. Here is the press release which could become a policy statement.  There was a lot more to the policy that did not go in the press release – We will be happy to explain in person.

Dealing with Ben Carson

We have directly dealt with Dr. Ben Carson, and have offered him to coach on Islam and Muslims, so he does not make mistakes and possibly earns our support.  Confrontation causes people to dig in their heels, while cooperation allows a measure of redemption.

Here are two reports:

Countering Trump

Trump is countered in several ways. We have been on Fox News twice, Syndicated radio thrice, NPR, and several Newspapers.

Engaging with conservatives

We met with Senator Rand Paul and conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, hitherto we have written off the conservatives, we should not. Indeed most of them want to reach out, and it is us, who are holding off, as some among us will scream at us loudly for dealing with them.

More about it here:

Engaging with politicians

We are making constant efforts to work with members of the Congress and Senate, it takes time.  Representatives Ellison and Carson are with us, and we are working with others, both Democratic and Republican law makers.   We had a meeting with Martin O’Malley, Rand Paul and others.  We are building relationships with staffers of Republican Congressmen Pete Sessions, Mac Thornberry, Kenny Marchant and others.  Once the community starts funding, we have plans to accomplish a lot more.

Engaging with former muslims

Meeting with Muslims or formers Muslims whom we “perceive” as anti-Muslims or anti-establishment is essential, left alone; they will dig in their heels. We have to engage with them. If we want to pull every one towards a common goal of earning a respectful dignified space in America. We have to move from estrangement to engagement. AMI will make those efforts.  We will meet Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Irshad Manji, Asra Nomani, Zuhdi Jasser, Raheel Raza and others, it is enough to deal with the hard core right wingers, we don’t want another front to fight, and we need make allies for common good.

Official launch

We officially launched AMI on September 17th at the National Press Club.

Engaging with media

In a short span of 4 months, we have a record presence in nearly 300 news papers through our 10 press releases, and 160 direct entries about us since August 1, 2015, many of them are listed below.